Although we customize our services based on our client needs, here is the typical process steps of how our service works:

  1. Inspection: The appraiser examines the property for condition, marks, characteristics and dimensions; if the property is not available for inspection due to loss, theft, or water/fire damage, the appraiser has to make some assumptions base on the history of the item given by the owner. Having pictures and history of the items in this case would be very helpful for everyone.
  2. Research:The research time includes time taken to identify marks,dates, find comparable data, verify the better markets for the items, and consult with other appraisers if need be. Extensive comparable auctions results, and all available sales data are necessary to evaluate the items.
  3. Report:The final document will provide a clear and concise explanation of the use for the report. It will give an explanation of the resources, date of the effective value, location and date of inspection, acknowledgment that the appraiser has no fiduciary financial interest in the items in question. It will have the appraiser’s signature in several places. The contents of the report are very detailed descriptions with photos, the list of all the property in question, a narrative section, a price list with values, and the appraiser biography.